The Truth About How To Avoid Going Back To Your Soulless Job
Here are some of the topics covered in my book that every event business entrepreneur needs to know to build a successful company:
  • Master The Solo-Entrepreneur Mind-Game... This Is Essential - The success of your venture hinges on mastering this one thing, and most people aren't even aware it's happening
  • Top Fears That Prevent Most Creatives From Achieving Success - And how I learned to overcome them
  • Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back  - And what you can do about them
  • And So Much More...
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"Be Scared But Do It Anyway"

This book uses the struggles I went through when I first launched my creative business, and how you can take what I've learned and use it to mitigate the inevitable pitfalls, shorten the startup learning curve, and accelerate your success. 
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