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Halloweenie Head

I learned at a very young age that putting things my head and acting like a lunatic can make an enraged parent laugh. With such transformative powers, I’ve kept the “put-something-on-my-head” technique as a default crowd pleaser.

This year for Halloween, I wanted to be Frankenstein, then two days ago I was going to be an amoeba (I was geeking out about vacuole and nuclei placement). Now it is the morn of my Halloweenie festivities and I am without amoeba membrane or papier mache’d mega head, and so… now, I must put something on my head.

Behold! With leftover willow branches, wooden mushrooms, pinecones, and a large faux artichoke….. I am Autumn Lady! Or Autumn Godess…. Flower Princess…..I’ll have to work on the name on my way to the party.


Shoulda stuck some of those hops in there too.

And yes, all this crap I just have lying around… you never know when an artichoke will come in handy.

And off we go.

Forest Inspired Centerpieces- Workshop this weekend!

Maybe you are getting married and are a DIY extraordinaire.  Maybe you are throwing a party and want people to talk about your crafty talent FOR THE REST OF TIME. Or, maybe you have a small collection of ceramic figurines you hand paint, and you want to pose them in an interesting miniature environment and take billions of pictures to create your own miniature forest adventure animation! Or, maybe you just have nothing better to do and 60 bucks burning a hole in the pocket of your stylish chunky sweater. Whatever the reason, you should join me for a workshop to learn how to make the arrangements you saw in last November’s post “Forest Inspired Centerpieces”.

The fall fun will be going down this Saturday at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden located in Shoreline, Washington at 20312 15th Ave NW, Shoreline WA 98177. It will be taking place outside (so bring that chunky sweater) from 1pm to 3pm. You don’t need to bring anything, unless you have something special in your yard you would like to share or incorporate into your masterpiece.

You MUST preregister with the City of Edmonds or the City of Shoreline recreation departments. The cost of registration is $35.00 to the parks and rec department and you bring $25.00 for the supply fee to me this Saturday.

If you want to register at Edmonds (or are not a Shoreline resident)… go here or call (425-771- 0230)

If you are a Shoreline resident, call (206-801-2600)

And if you missed it, below is the previously posted “Forest Inspired Centerpieces”

These centerpieces were made for a beautiful dinner event at one of Seattle University’s many elegant event spaces. The centerpieces were made possible by a convenient Alder tree that blew down in my yard.  Flowers included delicious chocolate sunflowers, light orange alstroemerias, orange asters, silvery frog balls, love in a mist pods, echinacea heads (petals removed),  a dyed red willowy eucalyptus, and of course lichen encrusted branch tips as promised. I’m pretty sure that if I were a tiny fantastical forest creature I would like to live in this arrangement.

Gallery Dinner
Vachon Room at Seattle University’s Fine Arts Building
table top
The large low arrangement is made with pieces of Doug fir bark

table top closup

After the event, some of these peices went to live out their lives at a local coffee shop. Luckily, the light was good and I was able to get some better closeups.

Table 1 large loglogs against graffiti walllittle logs

marketing logslogs and espresso

Paper Flowers

Bah! I had visions of posting cheap, easy ways to make loads of gorgeous paper flowers with whatever spare paper was lying around your rooms. I was envisioning delicate paper flowers dripping from windows, spilling out of vases, dangling from above beds.  Alas, that which is cheap is not easy. On a past trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico, I encountered gazillions of little bright paper beauties and have since longed to create my own.  I’ve pored over many books on the subject and had settled on one simple book that not only was easy to follow but created beautifully crafted flowers. It is: Making Flowers in Paper, Fabric, and Ribbon by Steve and Megumi Biddle and goes a little something like this:

Yes, I bite my nails... don't judge.

Step one: Cut out a petal shape with a longer base so you can connect them.  Step two: mess around with the petal to make it more flexible. Step three: loosely fold two ridges near the base of the petal. Press the top of the ridges back so the petal becomes concave.  Step four is where it gets frustrating: the Biddles tell me to somehow wrap these silly petals together with wire. Not happening. I ended up using a blend of floral tape and ridiculous amounts of hot glue.  And, TADAH!

I made the rose. While beautiful, it was time consuming and not realistic for larger projects. I also used bits and pieces of sketch paper I had lying around instead of the handmade paper or crepe paper that was recommended. (mmmmight have something to do with it) Instead of the floral project I was going to use them for, I ended up using the flowers for a mask, one of eight I constructed for a client’s fabulous masquerade dinner.

The white roses went into the Snow lady mask. The snow lady had a forest partner. The rest were either birds or fish. At first I was going to use feathers but soon realized the masks were looking more and more like a drag queen left out in the rain.  And of course, when there is a need, an opportunity presents itself. My sister had gifted me a couple of those little flower paper bunches. AND, when cut up into pieces, made perfect feather or scale like bits. They are so handy.

Thought I would share:

Snow lady

Flamingo Face, Pouf Head, and Owl.

My favorite: Fish Face

If you’ve got some great paper flower how-to sources, please let me know!

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