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DIY Chic Billy Ball Bouquet – Video

DIY Billy Ball Bouquet

Curious Lola – Queen Bee Billy Ball Bouq

Honey, I’m home! Something about this atypical billy ball bouquet inspires the DIY queen in me. Perhaps because I’ve grown up with honeybees, but maybe because ‘atypical’ is my jam. If you’re like me, you’ll love to get your hands on some billy balls and take a whack at this fun pollen-esque bouquet.

If you’ve never made a bouquet, have no fear! This is a great one to start out with because of the simplicity. Plus, we have supplied a quick three minute video below with step by step instructions!

The materials include:

-about 75 stems of Crespedia
-sewing pin
-1″ thick yellow ribbon
-floral tape
-1 piece of chenille

Curious Lola – Queen Bee Billy Ball Bouquet

Billy balls, billy buttons, or woolly heads– whatever you title these tiny flowers, crespedia is a known favorite of mine. So much so that we also decked out this crazy collar with them!

Now its time to buzz on over to our Youtube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe!), or click the video below and get to building your bouquet! Don’t forget to show us your creations!

Curious Lola – Queen Bee Billy Ball Bouquet

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Garden Poetry Themed Table Top Arrangements

More show and tell! Last week we put together a poetry and garden themed table top design for Willows Lodge chock full of romantic and playful touches. Since Willows is smack in the middle of Herbfarm/ Winery Wonderland, I figured it worked. I wanted an old fashioned feel with modern colors and shapes, of course with special details for people to take the time to get close.

Colors were Bright Pink, Yellow, and Cyan… Maybe I was inspired by my printer cartridges. The design included a cream damask table cloth from Choice Linens, a table runner made with old pages cut out of past-their-prime gardening and classic poetry books, two tall arrangements, flower petal votive holders, poetry paper flowers, and various cut flowers and ball shapes. I was so pleased with the results! Here’s the deets:

I antiqued some old poetry book pages with all the less than desirable tea I’ve accumulated yet still wastes space next to tasty teas.

Turns out classic poetry must be edited. I spent a lot of time reading these poems- moving the good ones to the top and the scary ones to the bottom. Old poems are MESSED UP! Clearly illness and lost loved ones were more of a frequent occurrence. There were of course some very sweet ones too. Here’s one that I liked from ee cummings.

love is a place

& through this place of

love move

(with brightness of peace)

all places

yes is a world

and in this world

of yes

(skilfully curled)

all  worlds



Flowers were garden roses, Craspedia, Ranunculus, Spray Roses, Yellow Roses, Burpleurum, Myrtle, Waxflower, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Salal… and some fakies.

By the way, I don’t know if I told you yet, but I’ve got an Etsy page for favors. These favors will be up soon should you want a bulb sampler for your event.

You make me look prettier.

“You really turned out to be very pretty…. We were worried there for a little while.”

My uncle told this to me when I was fifteen and it still cracks my stuff up. Especially since I have a glimmer of this sentiment when I’m done with a big, complicated flower project. At some point, it takes on a life of its own and the twinkling image of the end product gets a little hazy. Of course it always ends up to be fantabulous.

I always photograph my floral fantabulosity. I like to think that in my red box of mad skillz, photography lies gleaming among other shiny talents. Hire a photographer? Nay. Haven’t the time or desire. I can do it ALLLLLL. Muah-ha-ha.

That is until I got the opportunity to work with Mike Kippen the mighty M of M. Kippen Photography and his lovely fiancée and co-photographer, Sarah. Their photography skillz make mine gleam about as much as a turd on a boot.

Oh, what they do for my flowers! They are so pretty.

What is holding this arrangement up? Awesomeness- that’s what.

So thanks. Thanks for making my stuff prettier.

By the way, did you know that you can buy the pouf boutonniere and other favors on FlowerBrained’s Etsy store? Check ‘er out here.

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