What are you making!? Turkey flowers.

Have you ever experienced something like this? You are surrounded by materials that are just full of potential to be a gazillion different things. Your brain chooses a direction and your hands take off- adjusting and remaking as you fly. The creativity is so thick you have to stop to smear it off your glasses. Finally, you rest. The fruit of your labor is glorious. It’s simple and clear but has a little of something extra to reward those who look closely. It glows. You stand back and say, “It is good. My people will enjoy it.”

You hold it high and present it to those who wished it into existence, and they say…

“Oh, it looks like a turkey.”


Not a turkey… a glorious flower arrangement.

“Oh, look at it’s pretty tail.”

Not a tail. trailing gloriousness.


And here it is.

Front and Back



Now if there’s anything I learned in sculpture school, I learned this. My intention doesn’t really matter. People are going to interpret it how they are going to interpret. Might as well embrace that.

How would you like THIS on your Thanksgiving table?

And let me take a moment to give thanks to the technology that generated so many search results with this as the input: Pilgrim Riding a Turkey.

As my pilgrim, I chose this patriotic chubby kid.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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