Flowers for Fresh Leaders.

We recently did some flowers for an Ubermind Event that turned out really well. It was held at the lovely, airy, and gasp-inducing Pravda Studios and used fresh green and a pop of rust color. A little bit of research into the company gave me some direction on where we would go to make these flowers super awesome. — well as much direction as I can get by deducing ones brand soley from web design.


Dynamic, young, edgy- How about we use some unusual shapes and unexpected additions

Innovative, resourceful- How about some smartly up-cycled elements.

Young and bold- um… chili peppers?

Smart and creative- All this dynamism could easily get away from us, so let’s make sure the creative impulses are wrapped in an orderly, measured way that conveys some elegance and organization.

Seattle- Something tells me there’s a lot of facial hair and bike riders over in Ubie Land. Probably weekly meetings are at coffee shops and instead of costco pastries, they have organic, vegan donuts in their conference room- Great effort has been spent to make their conference room less conference-room-like. It probably is very open and friendly with semi reclining furniture and tactile things to play with. (Mr Potato Head?) They probably have a resident Beagle or Blood Hound. Definitely a Blood Hound… named Blossom. (sigh) so definitely some local/ organic flowers are in order.


The curly fabric is recycled rags. Peppers are from the Pike Place Market.


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