Botanic Garden Part 1: Goodfellow’s Stylish Grey Lady

There’s something so special about open flat places surrounded by tall things. I’ve heard somewhere that when polled about whether or not a hometown is beautiful, people in locations with open flat places surrounded by tall places overwhelmingly voted yes. Some of the most beautiful places have these characteristics, Seattle, Montana, the sea among islands in south Thailand, the highlands of Mexico, Lake Atitlan Guatemala (from whence I’ve just returned). Places like that offer enough space to feel released and have a good prospect, but have a border in the distance letting you visually understand the shape of the space and your location in it. It gives the feeling that if you spun around, you can see everything… and alternately, there is nothing you can’t see. Nothing dribbling out and spilling over. Everything is cuddled up in a nice geological hug.

I think the same applies for event space. Spacious but with definition and structure. People aren’t oozing out the edges but have enough space to cut loose.  I think that is why I like the University of Washington’s Botanic Garden  and their Goodfellow Grove. Open lawn, open sky, surrounded by rustic and wily native roses and trees. It’s natural romance is just lovely. We set up a couple of different vignettes for their Event Vendor Showcase in July and have just got the photos back from Red Sparrow Photography (who, I think, also makes nice use of the ‘open space v. interesting bits’ rule).

Here we show a simple set up in the Grove with our famed grey tent… This is the first time we’ve used this tent. It was constructed by the ridiculously talented Lorraine of Lorraine’s Bridal (who also somehow made my working mule of a body look good in a wedding gown.) She sewed these panels so that if you ran into it head on, swirled the luxurious ruffles up around your face, and fell to the ground among the poufs and petals, you still would not see a single unfinished hem. Once up, we realized that this beautiful grey lady needs a fabulous hat. It’s just not quite complete yet, so we’re working on it…. but the lovely panels are for rent if you would like a creation for your event.

The grey ruffle adds some femininity to a modern color palette.

I adore these stick spheres…. These were the reason I had white rustoleum paint in my hair for my wedding…

Can we have an event this year without Le Pouf. No. The answer is no. 2011 is the year of Le Pouf. And we extend the right to Le Pouf to carry on. Carry on Pouf!


Stay tuned for a table display that will make you happy.

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